The assembly line is often described as a process that uses machines to move material from one place to another, but in practice, machines are not always needed. At its most basic, an assembly line is a series of stations at which people or machines add to or assemble parts for a product. One of the values of the assembly line is its versatility: it can be simple, but it has the capacity to be very complex. An assembly line can begin with many different lines each devoted to a different component of a product, with the lines converging upon one another, becoming fewer until only one line is left for the final product. Although the assembly line has occasionally been considered outmoded, it has survived by repeatedly changing its form.

Diamond Metal Products, Inc. will handle all your assembly needs. We have been providing single source custom engineering and manufacturing services to a variety of industries for over 25 years out of Minnesota. Let us help you save frustration, time and money. Our production reduces your labor, overhead and problems with working with multiple vendors. Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide you with something as basic as a sub assembly and as technical as a full assembly. We can work with mechanical or light electrical. We have the ability to assemble complete orders, to assemble as blanket orders, or to assemble as Just-In-Time orders. Diamond Metal Products is here to make your job easier so that you may direct your energies to the important aspects of your business.

This is the newest addition to Diamond Metal Products processes. We have been developing this area over the last year working with wire harnesses, circuit boards and fiber optic cables and are very excited about the concept of truly being a single source supplier. Thank you for your interest in Diamond Metal Products, Inc. Please feel free to Contact Us by your preference of telephone and/or email. We will be happy to respond to your Request a Quote regarding assembly requirements or just to answer any questions you may have.



Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Shearing, Punching, Notching, Deburring, Grinding, Tumbling, Forming, Machining, Drilling, Helicoil Tapping, Countersinking, Hardware, Assembly, CNC Milling, CNC Turning (Lathe), Tapping, Engrave, Etch, Thread Milling, Spotweld (Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel), Welding (Mig and Tig), Aluminum Wire Feed Welding, Broaching, Knurling, Surface Grinding, Honing, Inspection, Tube Bending, Heat Treating, Annealing, Stress Relieving, Soldering, Riveting (Pop and Solid), Sawing (Band and Cold), Plasma Cutting, Acetylene Torches.


Paint, Powder Coat, Silkscreen, Anodize (any color) Passivate, Electropolish, Iridite, Sand Blast (bead and/or glass), Electroless Nickel, Hardcoat, Oxide, Chromate, Chemical Film, Bright Dip, Zinc, Nickel, Alodine.

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